Hi Chaps,

Checking in to see how we’re getting on in these first scary, cold weeks of 2017. We’ve lost zero musical or acting legends thus far, so it’s an improvement on last year. If the cold, the flu, the January Detox or the over crowded gym are getting you down, don’t worry as help is here from Darling and Gold to add a little sunshine to your day, with my top five winter warmers. A reminder of those good bits we can so often forget and why January shouldn’t leave us as down in the dumps as we think it should. Only 69 days until British summer time begins Wooop! 


1. Woolly jumpers or just any jumpers. 

I love me a good jumper. If it were practical, acceptable or illegal to rock what I like to call ‘the baby on a beach look” (Top only, no bottoms), then I would probably spend my entire wardrobe budget on jumpers. In the real world my modesty and other peoples eyes are safe. But here I’m going to indulge my pervie dreams with jumpers galore.

For boys we have three greats: a lovely knit the ‘Keale’ by Danish brand minimum. The ‘Thad’ black roll neck for a smarter mod look (and a bargain at £65). A laid back number that can take you into spring, is the ‘Dandy’ a simple, light weight ‘sweat’ (£60) from Suit.

check them out in the online store.


Keale Jumper                                                                 The Merino Wool Sweater

My alternative online fave is The Merino Wool sweater from The Workers Club (a brand designed exclusively for Mr Porter - £132.50 in their sale.) It also comes delivered to your door by a well dressed very polite man – which really is a winter pick me up in itself (well for me anyway).  

Girls, due to my obsession we also have more than enough options:

Munthe being at the forefront with their sparklely number the ‘KOKO’, this comes in two colour ways this season, indigo and skin. A bit of a Munthe tradition as every season sees a new version of their sparkle stripe. It’s a definite way to glam up your winter woolly. 


KoKo Indigo                                                                                              KoKo Skin

In our sale we have a beautiful number from Just Female Sax neck knit (£95), this is a fabulous colour and elegant jumper that can take you right into spring, we’ve been rocking our with a Just female leather skirt and a red lip.

Not quite a jumper fan but still looking for a little bit of cozy? Chole stora Maelo wrap (down from £220 to £95), a fun look to be dressed up or down and worn into spring.

You can check it out both as well as many others under knitwear in the online store.

Our online alternatives and probably no surprise here is the Bella Fraud 1970 Jumper, in red (farfetch.com £290). In fact most of her jumpers would probably make the list. An investment piece to be cared for but likely to be worn well into the future.

                                                              Bella Fraud 1970 jumper red

There’s also the Julliard mohair and wool-blend from Scandi brand Ganni (£335 www.netaporter.com) that again we’d rock with a leather skirt.

             Julliard Mohair, Ganni


So Jump-er to it guys!


2. Make something - Soup. 

I do love a good winter warming soup, however I have recently had a bit of a falling out with soup. I have just recovered from the flu; it lasted 4 long very painful days and it was on the second day I realized that if the flu didn’t kill me, my husbands cooking abilities might. Every meal served by this reluctant Florence Nightingale was soup, all a version of tomato (nothing like sticking to what you know). These were served at a temperature, just mildly warmer than the Baltic Sea - it was amazing it could be that cold and not have taken on solid form. To make it worse it was served in the bowl that I use to serve the potatoes in when we have a dinner party for 8-10. No one could eat that much cold soup. Accompanied by toast so dry and hard it could have been used as a murder weapon and if I were not so weak form lack of food it might well have been (I’m sure you’ve guessed i’m a fabulous patient).        

A good homemade soup however, from a traditional recipe is not to be missed on a cold winter night and on the blog shortly you will find my German Mother in-laws recipe for a great home made tomato soup. Which oddly has many things in common with some of my first romantic experiences, it’s quick, easy and involves GIN. If only they too had all been HOT.  


3. Netflix and chill. 

Speaking of romantic experiences this is an obvious exercise for these cold winter nights. If the unfortunate amongst you find yourselves with time to spare here’s some cool things that you could watch after. 

Documentary wise I’m not that fresh off the springboard with this, but Tickled is certainly one to make you draw breath. A great story of two journalists looking at the world of CET (competitive endurance tickling), is it real or not? Worth the watch to find out.


Another bound to inspire promises of a good spring-clean is The Minimalists, Joshua Field Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus talk you through their journey to minimalism and a more meaningful life. It’s fun, upbeat and will teach you the true meaning of being materialistic.

I have, like many of you, indulged in the OA on Netflix. Those who haven’t, expect: suspense (with Brit Marling’s mind at its full, weird force), a vintage feel to its production that reminded me of 80s TV, a great performance by Jason Isaacs and no explanations whatsoever.

Film wise Is Captain Fantastic. It’s sad – be warned, but inspiring and honest. The acting is wonderful from every cast member. This is a film that will be a favourite of many and will have all of us thinking about parenting style or a good homemade granola. 


4. Book club.

I have always wanted to start a book club, but a lack of time and a multitude of illiterate friends have stopped me. It may just be having a two year old but in my mind I’m constantly turning books the right way round for those close to me.

Anyway it’s a good excuse and I’m sticking to it. A good friend who thankfully isn’t illiterate is from my drama school days is Ross Armstrong, I have just started reading his debut thriller The Watcher and it’s got me hooked. He will definitely be one to watch.  

                 The watcher by Ross Armstrong

If you’re looking for some inspiration and a good kick start to the new year Gretchen Rubin can help you be a happier you, check out her “Happiness Project” and other writings on how to get there.

 Gretchen Rubin - The Happiness Project.


5. Something to do or something for you.

Moominland is an interactive, experiential adventure through the stories and life of Tove Jansson, writer of the internationally acclaimed Moomin stories. On at the south bank centre until April, it’s a really beautiful exhibition that will leave you impressed and inspired by the imaginative trailblazer that was Jansson. My two and a half year old loved it, as did my 43-year-old soup maker. 


Treat yourself in our sale.

There's always a present to cheer yourself up from the winter blues, our sale continues at darling and gold in store and online throughout January with prices as low as £20.

That's all for now.