Collection: Homedecor

Sell With Us



• Send clear photographs of your pieces with descriptions of the brand, make & size to WhatsApp 07825004122  OR


Please note we will only be responding to your email or WhatsApp if your items are ones we can sell.


please do not bring clothing to the store unless it has been agreed that we will sell it for you. 

you can arrange a time to bring your items to us 

Your items will be processed and you will be issued with an email receipt.


We only sell:

Clothing in excellent condition

We will not take anything that is unclean, marked, damaged or dated. No swimwear or underwear.

Please have a look around our website to familiarise yourself with the brands and styles we sell.

• Your items will be looked at by the team and you will be issued guild prices* for the pieces selected.

*A sale price will be confirmed once items have been received.


• After the sale of your items, you will receive 40% of the agreed sale price at the beginning of the following month. Payments will be made via bank transfer.

• We will have your items for 8 weeks from the date of receipt. After this period it is your responsibility to collect your items or arrange a delivery/return with us via email and by purchasing postage from our website.